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Giant PA Triple Coupons

Posted on: September 29, 2008

Giant in Pennsylvania has triple coupons this week.  In the ad they allow you 6 coupons which they will triple with a face value of $0.99 or less.  You must spend a minimum of $15 after bonus card savings, but before coupons, in order to use them. They also have another deal this week that saves you an additional $0.40 off each gallon of gas you buy at Giant, if you buy 3 participating meat products. This could get pricey after all is said and done, because meats aren’t cheap at Giant.

I shopped for my monthly groceries yesterday at Giant, but I didn’t do the meat deal, because of course meat prices were ridiculous, and I really didn’t need any, because I still have some leftover from when my in-laws had given us some. I did pick up some chicken though, but I don’t believe that was part of the deal. When I checked out, I handed the cashier my stack of coupons forgetting that I had the coupon in there for the deal. When I was leaving the store I checked my receipt, and realized that it must have gone through, because I had enough points to get the $0.40 off of gas, plus an additional $0.20 off for buying so many groceries. So I had $0.60 off of gas! Not too bad!


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